Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wardrobe plan - Part 1

How many times have you staring hard at your wardrobe, scratching and cracking your head and most probably shrieked "I don't have anything to wear!". I guess almost everyone of us experience this at least once in our lifetime.

Putting your wardrobe together with the aid of wardrobe plan is just like navigating with a map. You know what you have in your wardrobe for you to put together your attire for the day or function.

Benefits of wardrobe plan:
Assist you make better use of clothes that you already own
Assist you decide what you need to add to your collection
Serves as a guideline for clothes and accessories that are suitable to you and your lifestyle

Wardrobe plan takes up loads of time and effort but once it is done, it makes your life easy - know what to mix and match with, know what to add and what to toss. And also save money by avoiding buying unnecessary clothes or accessories.

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