Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vintage craze

I was introduced to vintage clothes in the late 2008 through flea market. My first purchases were three vintage dresses, which did not cost over RM50. Wow, what a bargain - I thought to myself. The dresses are one of a kind and I do not need to worry about bumping into another girl who would be wearing the exact same dress. This is a pretty good deal. And it is cool too.

Thereafter, I find myself tracking and hunting down the next flea market hoping to get more vintage dresses. Most of the purchases are from Pick n Grab flea market - DeOldies and Vintage Biri-Biri. Some nights, I would log on to the Internet to search for vintage blogs shops. I am delighted that I found some vintage blog shops to my likings.

When shopping for vintage clothes, it is important to keep in mind that the design and cut are not too costume-y, otherwise one would look like has traveled through time. The idea of vintage is being exclusive and different in a fashionably stylish way.

Vintage clothes may need some alteration to fit perfectly into one's body. Do take this into consideration before purchasing. Would the alteration change the original design or cut? Some basic sewing skills may come handy at this point.

Have a good stain remover. Very little vintage clothes come with stains. If they do, so far based on my experience, the stains can be removed. Check the clothes thoroughly for stains, holes and etc. One may even bargain for a lower price due to such defects.

Vintage clothes give another alternative into ones staple wardrobe. Add some spice so to speak. Whatever ones fashion style or taste is, fashion is all about experimenting different styles, having fun with it and being effortlessly chic.

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