Saturday, January 16, 2016

wanderlust: when in rome...go vintage shopping!


Finally, the long waited trip to Italy was materialised last September. Life is too short to think about if I have saved enough to make the trip. It was like, ok, let's plan a trip to Italy, save as much as I can and take it from there. 

I was so excited and it felt so surreal to be there... Whilst there are so many places of interest to visit, I squeezed in some time to check out couple of vintage stores near the Piazza Navona area.


piazza navona

There are two vintage stores within walking distance from the piazza. So, after chilling out in a cafe or strolling around the piazza, it would be good to check out these vintage stores just to take a break from all the historical sight-seeing around the city. 

omero n cecilia

Omero & Cecilia - Vestiti Vecchi
Via del Governo Vecchio 110


Via del Governo Vecchio 45

It was fun just to browse what these stores have curated but I was not so lucky to find anything that interests me.Nothing was calling out; buy me, buy me.... 

Next time, if you are planning a trip to Rome, do add these vintage stores into your itinerary.  

Have a great weekend and stay chic!

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