Saturday, April 11, 2015

wanderlust - uji, japan

Last Easter, I went to Kyoto, Japan for a holiday; mainly to see the lovely cherry blossom. Upon my arrival in Kyoto, my first stop was Uji. Uji is located between Kyoto and Nara. The city is famous for its green tea and few UNESCO world heritage sites. 

statue of murasaki shikubu
the statue of murasaki shikubu

uji bridge
uji bridge

byodoin temple phoenix hall
byodoin temple - phoenix hall (UNESCO world heritage site)

cherry blossom n phoenix hall

close up cherry blossom

cherry blossom n phoenix hall 2

cherry blossom n phoenix hall 3

cherry blossom uji river
uji river

boats uji river

stone pagoda
stone pagoda

cherry blossom path

ujicha (soft ice cream green tea flavoured)

The easiest way to get to Uji is by JR Line train from Kyoto station and alight at Uji Station. The journey is about 20 minutes. At the station look out for papers/guides on how to get to Byodoin temple. This guide is written in English. 


Uji is a lovely small city, so laid back and less crowded. Or perhaps, it was the bad weather that made it less crowded? 

Till my next wanderlust post, stay chic and stylish!