Sunday, April 13, 2014

alternative shopping in wanchai

blue house 1

The Blue House in Wanchai is one of the prominent landmark in the area. It refers to a 4-storey balcony -type tenement block located at 72 to 74A Stone Nullah Lane. This is one of the few remaining examples of Tong Lau of the balcony type in Hong Kong. If you are planning to check the Blue House, you can visit a secondhand items store (unknown name in English) and the Green Ladies.

blue house 2

The unknown secondhand items store. You can almost everything and anything in this place; from clothes, shoes, bags, CDs, DVDs, books, photo frames to plates, toys. Bought few books here and each book cost HK$10 each (about RM4.20 or US$1.30). Pretty cheap, right?

green ladies st james settlement

green ladies

If you fancy designer or branded pre-loved items, after the Blue House, keep walking straight ahead until you see a red and white building with the name St. James' Settlement at the end of the road. The entrance to Green Ladies is at the ground level but clothing items, shoes and bags are located on first level.

Green Ladies
Address: G/F, St. James' Settlement Headquarters, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai
Telephone: 2831 3204
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 12.30 noon to 7 pm
Sat: 12.30 noon to 6 pm

Hope this gives you an idea of alternative shopping options in Hong Kong, particularly in Wanchai. Have a great weekend everyone!

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