Monday, February 3, 2014

new acquisition: vintage chanel classic flap bag

Since my first purchase of vintage Chanel (beige) flap bag in 2012, I have been looking online and offline for an affordable vintage Chanel black classic flap bag. The search is over now. I have, finally, purchased a vintage Chanel black classic flap bag. I am not sure the name of the bag’s model; it is not 2.55 flap bag. It is slight square-ish. Its measurements: approximately 7 inches (H) X approximately 10 inches (L) X approximately 3 inches (W).

After hours and days searching (mostly) online resellers based in Hong Kong and Malaysia, I came across with a promotion of a reseller based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, few times, I came across good bargains with Malaysian resellers but I was not ‘quick’ enough to place an order. These did not hinder me to continue my search until one day. I saw an advertisement. A vintage Chanel classic flap bag was approximately 43% discount reduction for a limited period! The original price was HK$13,800 and promotion price was HK$7,800 (approximately RM$3,300). This was a pretty good bargain, a vintage classic flap bag for less than HK$10,000 or RM$5,000. 

I almost wanted to check it out straight away (after work, of course) but I waited patiently until the weekend. At first, I thought some lucky girl would have purchased the bag already by the time I visited the store. However, to my surprise, the bag was still there when I visited the store. “Oh.. is this my lucky day or what?,” I thought to myself. Owning a vintage Chanel black flap bag has been on my wish list for a while now and I have been planning and saving money to purchase it in few years but I have never thought that I have the opportunity to buy on that day.

It is a four (4) series bag (1996-1997) and still in good condition with minimal scuff on the bottom corners despite it is 18-17 years old bag! The bag however did not come with an authenticity card. Now, of course the employee of the store would say it is an authentic bag but with some knowledge on how to authentic vintage Chanel bag would come handy in this kind of situation. On another note, the reputation of the reseller is important as well. Since Hong Kong regulation is pretty strict on counterfeit goods and the reseller is Japan based company, these gave some of reassurance.

I guess, there is no need for me to say any further but the rest is history…. After few inspections on the hardware – the chain and zip, the material - lambskin, the stitches etc., I purchased the bag! I checked it from my wish list but now I have been toying with the idea to buy either vintage Chanel tote bag or vintage Chanel sling bag…. I am beginning to wonder if I have slowly developed myself becoming a vintage Chanel collector. If I am financially ok and with a bit luck; why not expanding my collection? 

As February is the birth month of the iconic 2.55 flap bag, I am planning to post few entries on Chanel bags. So stayed tune!

Last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating the festivity. Have a good and prosperous year ahead! Stay chic and stylish too...


  1. Hi Kaelyn, just stumbled upon your post. Congrats on your buy! I am looking for a vintage Chanel as well, can you share with me which store did you buy yours from? Tq - Gene -

    1. Hi Gene, thanks for your comment and sorry for delay. I bought mine from Eco Ring Hong Kong. Let me know if you need more info. Good luck and best wishes, Kaelyn