Sunday, November 10, 2013

audrey oh audrey.....

audrey Ikea
Print screen of IKEA website:

I think I have briefly mentioned in my of early entries that I have moved to another place last summer. Two main reasons for the move; I needed a bigger space and to stay somewhere away from the city (or to be exact, away from shopping malls, which I see them as temptations, endless temptations...). In the past few months, I have been checking out, selecting and buying electrical appliances and furniture for my new place. Now, I left with few minor things to sort out and last but not least, decorating the place which can be fun and exciting. 

When I am free (oopss...when I should have used this time to blog but I was inspired to write though :( ...) I surfed interior design websites for inspirations but I have yet to make any decisions though. During one my trips to IKEA, I came across a picture of Audrey Hepburn and I fell in love it again. Well, I have got my eyes on IKEA's Audrey Hepburn picture for a long time even before I moved to Hong Kong. What stopped me to purchasing the picture is the price..... Lately, I thought perhaps I should try to make it myself (not that I am a very painter though) and this indeed sounds like a good idea as a project....

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