Monday, December 26, 2011

an encounter with a 1940s dress?

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas celebration or holiday. Mine was good; had scrumptious dinner with friends and managed to slot in 'thifting adventure' during the holiday.

Whilst at one of the hypermarkets, I bumped into bundle stall. Great, I could window shopped! Browsing from one rack to another, I came across this lovely frock which has 1940s style. Wished I had my camera with me but I took photos using my mobile (so, apologies for the poor quality). I was pretty skeptical at first as 1940s dresses are very, very hard to stumble upon in Malaysia. So I examined the dress closely...

Metal zipper at the side of the dress

No overlocked finishing

Other hints;

- no care label
- no maker label but the orange label on the dress is a dry clean / laundry tag like.
- material - felt like rayon: soft, smooth like silk

Here, there is a questionable point; laundry tag. Is this a genuine 1940s dress or is it a reproduction? Or perhaps the owner was a vintage lover (good speculation?) and this was part of her collection?

There were few stains on the dress which I doubt I can remove them and due to this, I let the dress go.

Have you came across any vintage piece that you are unsure of? What did you do?


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