Monday, September 12, 2011

settled a little...

Packing, moving and unpacking is quite a stressful process. Packing looks easy, it can be difficult at times as one might be too attached to certain items or things. If it is not emotional attachment, perhaps the thoughts it might be useful one of these days, which makes one tend to keep things.

I came across this idea on how to minimize purchases; one in, one out from a magazine. Perhaps I can apply this idea from now on. It can be hard but from my packing experience, I have a bit too many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to name a few at this point. Maybe it is time to cut down on purchases...

1 comment:

  1. l do share some tips! im such a closet murderer lol atm my room haz been turned into a store i occasionally sleep on the floor with foldover mattress. my sister said my room could be turned into a boutique museum lè sighhhh. hope you are settling fine wid ur new hse kak!