Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion experiment: White BF Blazer

Whilst black BF blazer gives a formal feel, to get relaxed and casual feels, I ordered a white BF blazer from Vintage Packstocks few days after I purchased black BF blazer. Material of the blazer also plays a role in determine the feel or look of your desired. A cotton white BF blazer can definitely achieve this.

- to add some edge onto floral summer dresses (either long or short), put on white BF blazer with rolled up sleeves. Wear a belt to show shape of your body.
- when rolling up the sleeves, roll them together with the sleeves of the top underneath the blazer. This adds something interesting onto the blazer's sleeves, so to speak.
- to avoid baggy-ness, ensure the inner piece is nicely tucked or fit nicely onto the body.

Above are some sample looks that I've tried. If you're not a fan of denim short skirt, replace the skirt with a pair of shorts - denim or khaki. This gives a masculine look.

If you are contemplating to try BF blazer, do start with basic colours such as black, white, navy blue or neutral colours to be safe. Once you are comfortable with it, slowly experiment with other colours or prints. Check out fashion magazines, websites, blogs to get inspirations. Happy experimenting!

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