Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living La Vida Chic

When life has become so routine, boredom creeps in slowly. This is the time to take action; to add some spice into life or to let boredom takes over life. Few tiny steps to spice up life through fashion are:

1. dress up for work or any social activities. If you look good, you feel good.
2. change hairstyle
3. purchase new accessories. It's a cheap way to expand your wardrobe/collection.
4. dress up based on a theme or trend at least once a week, eg. you can have a Girlie Day whereby you wear the most girlie outfit you have in your wardrobe. Bring out the girlie side of you which may have been hiding for so long. Enjoy and have fun with it.
5. try new colour
6. try new trend or style that you have been contemplating. Fashion is about experimenting styles.

Whenever I am feeling blah, I will make an effort to dress up a bit - add an accessories into my outfit. I have my session of retail therapies to de-stressing myself after a hard day or week at work. I usually purchase accessories such as necklaces and belts.

I am working on point #4 as I am not sure what theme to try. So far, I've tried vintage dress. Need to parade my purchases from flea market ;-) Will think and plan point #5 and #6. Looking forward to trying them.

I've got a feeling that life will slowly getting more fun in a fashionable way. Enjoy and live life in a stylish way.

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